Mental Health and Assault in Austin

Austin Assault and Assault Family Violence

The stress of living in a big city and making a living can be difficult.  Everyone handles stress differently. If a person has mental and or emotional balance problems added stress can be very problematic depending on the circumstances. When there are money issues between couples, it can lead to arguments. If there is not sound judgment there can be more than just yelling and shouting between husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. Many domestic violence cases begin with an argument about money. There are other factors that can contribute to violence of course. These can include alcohol and drugs which do not mix well with mental and emotional problems.

Once one or both people lose their heads in a conflict and begin to argue rational thinking soon leaves the area. When irrational thinking takes over people will become spiteful, vindictive and blameful. There are many cases in domestic violence court that have very similar circumstances and leave people in need of an Austin assault attorney . The police are called by one of the parties or a neighbor when things get out of hand.

Once a person is arrested in Texas the a magistrate judge will set bond conditions. These will possibly include up to a 24-48 hour hold on the arrestee if it is in a domestic violence charge. There are protective order options that may order the defendant to stay away and not contact the victim for a period of time. This can be very inconvenient if the defendant has no other place to stay. Some sadly have had to sleep in their cars.

It is understandable that victims need to be protected. It is also too bad that some of these cases must go through years of court to get resolved when the accusations were not accurately relayed to law enforcement because of anger or revenge at the time. Take a look at if you have question.